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As of 9.3, build 239, ServicePoint establishes compatibility with NCR CounterPoint up through version 8.5.3. This release of CounterPoint features an improved user interface experience, designed to be more intuitive and to provide ease of access to CounterPoint functions. ServicePoint is “version aware”, and will function properly with prior versions of CP, up through the most current version. The latest service pack for ServicePoint is always available on our Downloads page.


Install the build 239 service pack for ServicePoint and take advantage of the latest features from RTM, including:


  • Additional emailing options, including the ability to email any report or form directly from the preview windowpreviewemail


  • Improved signature capture storage from the SP Mobile app to allow the signature image to be easily printed on documents and reports, including document reprints from within CounterPoint.


  • Scheduling improvements to prevent assignment of technicians on planned days/time off.


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