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ServicePoint now has its own email server setup information, allowing us to send email messages from within the application without requiring a MAPI compliant email program.  (No more Outlook!)


As of build 122, there is a new tab in Control Information. called “Email setup”, pictured below.



The tab allows entry and testing of smtp email server parameters to be used for emailing from within ServicePoint, as well as sending tickets from the field via the SP Mobile remote application.


Enter the following to allow the ability to send an automated email report within ServicePoint, or to send a receipt directly from within the web app.  This is optional, and needs to be modified only if direct emailing is desired.


  • Email server name – The value in this key should contain the name of your smtp email server. For example: “” or “”.
  • Login user name – The user ID or user name to be used to log into the smtp server.
  • Login password – The password to be used for logging into the smtp server with the user ID above.
  • Port number – The standard outgoing smtp port is 25. However, some isp’s require a different value here. For example, 587 or 465.
  • Use SSL? – Check this box if your email server requires the use of a Secure Socket Layer for outgoing emails. Checking this box will set this value to “True”
  • From email address – The email address to appear in the “From” and “reply-to” email address of emails sent from ServicePoint.
  • CC email address – The email entered here will receive a copy of all emails sent from ServicePoint.
  • Email body signature – The text entered will be appended to the body of emails sent from SP. Forms groups allow the email body to be specified in the “Comment” of each emailed report.  The signature will be added after the comment text.


For full release notes, click here!

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